Our Services

We are professional Arborists (Tree Surgeons) based in Weymouth and we offer the following range of services throughout Dorset:

Tree Removal

Our team of professional Arborists (Tree Surgeons) have all the equipment and skills to remove trees in a variety of settings whether they be dangerous, dead, diseased, poorly positioned or causing excessive shading/cutting out light.

Crown Reductions

We can perform Crown Reductions on trees that are becoming too big for their surrounding environment; helping to keep them away from building/utilities whilst retaining a pleasing and natural shape.

Crown Thin

Crown thinning involves removing a percentage of smaller branches from all over the crown, this can allow more light to pass through the tree whilst reducing wind resistance and giving a more light, airy and healthy canopy.

Crown Lift

Crown lifting involves removing the lowest branches of a tree to give better clearance and access above a road/footpath or to help keep branches from growing near buildings and allow more light into an area.

Limb Removal

It may be necessary to remove one specific limb within a tree; this may be because the limb is dangerous due to inherent leverage issues or because the limb has suffered from storm or mechanical damage.

Crown Clean

A crown clean is the name given to systematic removal of unwanted elements within the trees crown; namely we would remove Ivy, Dead Limbs, Hanging Branches and Rubbing/Crossing Branches.

Hedge Maintenance

Acorn to Oak Tree Services also offer all aspects of hedge maintenance, including reducing the overall height or width of hedges, annual hedge maintenance, hedge shaping and when necessary hedge removal.

Tree & Hedge Planting

We offer a comprehensive tree & hedge planting service, from individual trees to replace a lost/felled tree to larger planting schemes including hedge repair, planting and establishment.

Tree Stump Removal

We can remove unwanted or unsightly tree stumps through the use of a mechanical stump grinder, this involves grinding the stump into pieces and also removing any raised roots, then infilling.

Scrub Clearance

We can clear areas of scrub or overgrown areas of your property to make way for building, planting and fencing schemes. We use mechanical brush cutters alongside hand tools to clear such areas.

Fencing & Gates

We can provide you with a range of fencing and gate options, ranging from agricultural fencing solutions to small scale domestic work; often to replace hedges, trees or areas of scrub that have been removed.

Logs & Firewood

We can also supply quality seasoned logs and firewood for use on open fires as well as for wood burners. All our logs have been naturally dried to remove moisture; meaning they burn long and hot!

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